Pregnancy Care
The Cayle™ Method

The Cayle™ Method of Labor and Delivery focuses on a blend of traditional and complimentary modalities. The latest guidelines set forth by ACOG are blended with the following adjunctive therapies:

CranioSacral Therapy: A gentle manual therapy that focuses on the optimization of the craniosacral system. This proven therapy, borne out of Osteopathic techniques, assists with morning sickness, orthopedic issues including hip pain and sciatica, fatigue, and overall stress reduction/relaxation. Traditional CST techniques have also been found to facilitate a smooth labor and delivery. The Cayle™ Method has also developed new manual therapy techniques to further assist the delivery process. Data from these deliveries to date demonstrate a statistically significant difference among a variety of parameters; some of which include: reduced need/use for Pitocin, reduced frequency of episiotomies and/or tears, and overall shortened Active Phase of Labor.

Frequency Specific Microcurrent: This very small amperage (in millionths of an amp) uses specific frequencies to effect positive change in tissues. It is clinically observed to reduce hemorrhage and has been shown very effective to reduce inflammation in lab studies. It is utilized prior to conception to eliminate pain and tissue restrictions of scarring from previous trauma or surgeries. Current research with the developer shows promising possibilities for even more applications to women's health.

Lymphatic Drainage: This gentle manual therapy is utilized to reduce swelling, leg cramps, and facilitate relaxation. The lymphatic system has direct innervations to the Parasympathic Nervous System, resulting in profound relaxation.

Nutrition/Wellness: Supplying the body with the nutritional tools it needs to perform not only normally, but optimally, is essential to overall well-being. Complementing traditional allopathic care, we offer naturopathic/homeopathic approaches to patient care as well. Individualized programs for our patients based on thorough assessment and customized therapy plans, support the body's innate healing ability with therapies that include Homeopathy, Herbal Medicine, Chinese Medicine, and Holistic Nutrition.

The specific techniques implemented within the Cayle™ Method do NOT preclude the use of standard techniques as set forth by ACOG.

The data reflects that recovery from a Cayle™ Method delivery is quicker and easier. The patient satisfaction has been so overwhelmingly positive that the OB unit in which it was first developed was cited as receiving the highest level of patient satisfaction in Obstetrical Care in the entire Department of Defense, receiving the 2004 Dept. of Defense MTF Customer Satisfaction Award. On receiving the award, CAPT S. DeGroot, Commanding Officer said, “…that CranioSacral Therapy played a significant part in the Naval Hospital receiving this award.”

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